How My Latest Scheme Became Legitimized Through the Magic of UI

A case study of’s launch


The Product

  1. People interested in what subreddits linked to what products because it was that, just interesting (do not look up /r/wallstreetbets on They might happen see something they like and decide to buy it.
  2. People looking to get into a new hobby and wanted to know what products Reddit recommends for that hobby, avoiding trying to discern fake reviews and cheap knock-offs from the real deal.
  3. People looking for gift ideas — e.g. Bob is looking for a birthday present for Alice; he knows Alice likes Star Wars; Bob browses and finds an interesting book on The Secret History of Star Wars.
Book cover of The Secret History of Star Wars
Actual product discovered via that I may or may not have purchased

The Launch

36 second average session duration, 87% bounce rate
Initial launch analytics
Initial site of
Functional garbage
Ugly looking website
Initial launch of


Showing sticky search bar for mobile view
Sticky search bar
“Discover products mentioned in Reddit comments categorized by subreddit”
Context tagline
Rehauled comment card
  1. Added a white background as most amazon products have white backgrounds so things would feel more the same size.
  2. Added a material-ui icon to signify that the image was an external link.**
  3. Squished all the content together so that things weren’t misaligned or sticking out.
  4. Added a slick lil’ vertical bar to the left of the comment inspired by how Slack, Discord, and CISCO WEBEX TEAMS® does quoted text.
  5. Added a gold border hover state to the image to really hammer home that it was a link.
Image showing a gold border hover state to the image in the product card
Hover state for image link
Top 100 of
There are some interesting things that get upvoted let me tell ya what
Current site view of
The end product
2 minute 18 second session duration, 63% bounce rate
After the changes
Shop By Sub logo



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