Robinhood Just Announced 3% Savings Accounts

They just blew money market funds out of the water.

Tim Mendez
2 min readDec 13, 2018


March 2019 Update: Robinhood is no longer offering the savings account for anyone. You can still read the original article below.

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Today, Dec 13th, 2018, Robinhood just blew most other savings accounts out of the water, and most other money market funds out of the water as well. My credit union gives a measly .5% rate. However, with a Robinhood savings account, you’re getting guaranteed returns of 3% — that’s insane. You can sign up for this checking and savings account here and also get a random free share of stock!

Fashionable debit card included

They give you a snazzy debit card (pictured above) to go with your new account, but hurry because different styles of debit cards are limited! There were only a few thousand Robinhood-green debit cards left by the time I signed up. It’s a strange little gimmick, but I love it.

In-app view

Additionally, you have a few ways to move up and get priority access. You can hilariously just tap the debit card on your phone, where every tap increases your spot in line by one position. Or, you can invite your friends with a referral link and they can bump you up.

While there are no physical Robinhood branches (and thus saving a lot of overhead which translates into your 3%), there is access to over 75,000 free ATMs. There’s no overdraft fee and no foreign transaction fee. There’s just no fees. It’s just a huge move to capture more of the market, and I welcome it.

ATM locator in-app

At any rate, with a guaranteed 3% yield and insured up to $250,000 with no fees, this seems like a no-brainer to make the switch if you’re not getting this sort of rate elsewhere.

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Tim Mendez